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Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer

About the Chef

Brendan Murphy – The Chef Explorer

Gudday to you all!

Do you just love food and travel?!

If you do, then come and join me for “A TASTE OF THE WORLD“!

Chef Explorer is a ‘Tasty’ combination of the exploration of chef related food and experiences to travel and culture from around the world.

I have been cooking and traveling my way around the World since the 1980’s.

I am a fully qualified Chef, Teacher and Author with over 40 years’ experience either working as a Commercial Chef in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, in Europe and Australia.

Then Teaching Commercial Cookery and Hospitality students at TAFE Colleges in the ‘90’s and 21st Century. I also completed a Travel Writing Diploma and wrote regular Cookery Column articles.

In 2006, I started my own business (putting all my ‘eggs in one basket’ as it were!) by creating the ‘Chef Explorer’.

Firstly, by writing cookery columns and then publishing my first book; ‘A Taste of the World’ in 2009.

This book is based on my cookery columns that have evolved into true short stories about my Chef and Travel experiences around the world.

I began presenting my own ‘Taste of the World’ cooking classes, live (e.g. shopping center and Aurora TV) demonstrations, school master classes, performing at local events, writing related cookery and travel articles on social media and presenting book talks.

I also presented a regular Community Radio Show called the ‘Chef and Music Explorer Show’.

Most recently, since 2018 and into the 2020’s, I hit the road again – a rather long one around magnificent WA! I developed my ‘Chef Explorer Roadshow’ so I could explore and report on all things travel and ‘foodie’, including working as a Chef and Trainer up in the beautiful Kimberley.

Today I teach weekly online cooking classes from home or on location throughout WA as well as teach in local schools.

I am for hire to continue and further develop my ‘Taste of the World’ themed courses and / or indeed A Basic Cooking Skills Course. I am also busy writing my next ‘Chef Explorer’ Book.
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer
Brendan Murphy - The Chef Explorer

Classes & Events

Hourly Rate $60

Private (Or Group) Online Cooking Classes

Usually lasting 1 hour to 90 minutes* – depending on the recipe

Fees are calculated for a minimum 2-hour private lesson: $120. This includes 1 hour LIVE teaching you every step as well as.

1. Prior food costs + 1 x hour shop and recipes

I let you know a few days beforehand the recipes and therefore the food you need to purchase.

2. I hour live demo

You can just watch as I demo and do later.
I will send a photo of the ingredients set up (weighed) before we start.

We connect, generally on Facetime, and I have a tripod set up to film myself discussing, preparing, and cooking the dish usually from scratch (like in my classroom lessons)

3. Photos of the finished dish

Once completed, I will send photos of the finished dish and ongoing menu plan, including any other info like equipment needed, etc.

4. Cook with me

*If you would like to cook at the same time, we need to allow up to 90 minutes for the session – giving you time to prepare a lot of the dish yourself or even to complete it.

If this option is preferred, an additional cost of $30 will apply for the extra 30.

Total costs for this session is $150.

5. Team up

Of course, you could always share the costs by teaming up with somebody else.

This can be discussed further when you decide.

We ‘go with the flow’. It depends how fast you are prepping and we don’t always fully complete the dish as it’s baking in the oven, etc. All the techniques are shown, and you can finish and present for dinner at home!

Special Offer #1 – July & August 2024

To get us started: Free First Lesson!

This will act as an introduction to us both, discuss my menu and to smooth out any technical issues.

I will cook a simple quick dish; how does Spanish Prawns Sound? Allow 30-40 minutes.

Special Offer #2 – July & August 2024

The First Full Cooking Lesson at $50 Per Hour

The total cost will be $100.

Examples of Cooking Classes

A Taste of Italy

Chicken Risotto and a Classic Frittata

Off to Malaysia

Tamarind infused Chicken Curry served with a simple Nasi Goreng

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Irish Lamb Stew served on a base of Colcannon potatoes

A Taste of Vietnam

Fried Wontons and Hoi An Crepes

A Taste of France / Provençale

Chicken & Pasta Provençal
Recipe Reference: Page 78 of my book ‘A Taste of the World’

The Great Australian Bight Menu

Prawn Cocktail, Norwegian Fish Salad, BBQ Fish and Swedish Gravlax
Recipe Reference: Page 117 and 140 of my book ‘A Taste of the World’

A Taste of South America

Brazil – Feijoada served with a mixed tuber/potato mash
Recipe Reference: Page 71 of my book ‘A Taste of the World Cup’


“Someone should write a book about this crazy Industry!”

I have heard that exclamation many times over the last 30 years in which I have been employed as a Chef in the Hospitality Industry.


A Taste Of The World - 2009

A Taste Of The World – 2009

This first book has been written and published based on my published cookery columns. It is not a cookbook from a Celebrity Chef, but more of an exploration of what it’s really like to work in the Hospitality Industry, and especially as a Chef. Combine this with traveling and working all over the world as a Chef, Lecturer and Writer and somehow keeping over 40 years of diaries to research from!

It is a collection of true short stories about my experiences as a chef in different parts of the world. In addition to that are the recipes, a cultural history of each country and photos. Included are over 20 short stories, set in 15 different countries along with 32 recipes.

This book is intended as a Taster to act as an intro to the Chef Explorer Series.

Cost: $15 plus packaging and postage
Signed by The Chef Explorer

*SPECIAL PRICE FOR FEBRUARY & MARCH 2024: $10 plus packaging and postage – signed by The Chef Explorer

A Taste Of The World Cup 2014/2018/2022

A Taste Of The World Cup 2014/2018/2022

This is not only a taste of the world in food, but also, another big ingredient thrown in the pot: football!

Food, Football and Travel. What a combination!

These books were written and published in time for the FIFA Football world cup. They are an extension of the theme of the Chef Explorer and A Taste of the World with the added ‘ingredient’ of the world’s greatest sports event.

Profiling all 32 countries competing with profiles, travel, football and of course a traditional recipe. The concept became so popular that I based my cooking courses on them as well as published an updated and better version each time there is a tournament.

Cost: $28 plus packaging and postage

To order these books, please get in touch with me.

In Production

Chef For Starters: A Taste Of Europe

Publication due in 2024

This book recounts my journey into the culinary world, detailing how I became a chef and the challenges I faced, starting in Manchester, UK, at ‘Janz American Diner’ in 1981. All characters and events presented are true, capturing the vibrant atmosphere of 1980s Britain despite the challenges of Thatcher’s era. Prior to my culinary pursuits, I had embarked on a hitchhiking adventure across Europe in 1980, immersing myself in diverse cultures and cuisines. This experience laid the foundation for my identity as a “Chef Explorer,” born as a traveler before my culinary career took shape.

Upon my return, I landed my first cooking job, marking the beginning of a journey intertwined with the desire to escape the societal depression of the time. Over the next few years, I delved into the versatile hospitality industry to support my passion for travel. A significant turning point occurred in 1982 when, amidst the Falklands War, my friends and I explored 14 European countries for four months, forever altering our perspectives. Despite the tragic loss of a friend during the conflict, our adventures continued, shaping my dual narrative of being a chef and an explorer.

The book explores 15 European countries under review, culminating in my decision to attend Catering College in 1985, officially becoming a qualified chef.

Chef Down Under

Embarking on my journey Down Under in 1987, where friends from ’82 had settled in Sydney, marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.

From 1986 to 1989, we explored Australia, starting as a chef in Sydney, traveling the East Coast in an old Holden Commodore, and engaging in diverse experiences, from picking pineapples and stripping sugar cane, to diving the Great Barrier Reef. Our audacious escapade culminated in settling in Cairns.

After spending over a year in Tropical North Queensland, achieving Permanent Residency, and working in the Daintree Forest, I revisited ‘Crocodylus Village’ over two decades later in 2009 with my family. Amidst these experiences, I published three travel articles, including “Return to Crocodylus” in ‘Way2Go’ magazine in 2010.

Subsequently, I worked in the UK and Europe before permanently settling in The Swan Valley, Perth, WA, in 2002, establishing Chef Explorer cookery classes, events, Facebook, a website, tours and continued to teach and travel!

Looking ahead to the 2020s and beyond, my recent adventures include cooking for tourists in the Kimberley and introducing a travel-teaching project, A TASTE OF WA, in the Bungle Bungles.


Made In Britain

I eventually returned to England and back working in ‘Janz’ in Manchester until the restaurant sadly went into liquidation in early 1983! From 1983-1985 I attended College to become a fully qualified Chef meeting more characters there and working all around the City of Manchester, as well as for a Chef Agency – cooking for the Army in the Isle of Mann, and on the classic ‘Pontins’ resort in Devon, before qualifying in the summer of 1985 and heading for the big city of London.

This book in the series will also cover the City of London, where I really learnt about the Hotel trade in the ‘Great Eastern Hotel’ as well as the huge tourist market that it taps into. The year was also 1985 and the magnificent ‘Live Aid’ was played out at Wembley. Employed as a traditional Commis Chef, I was very nervous about moving to the nation’s capital, and certainly learnt how to cook in a large Kitchen brigade.

Chef On The Piste

In more ways than one! On the ‘piss’ in the English sense, as well as on the ‘piste’ in a ski resort in Switzerland.

I worked in Leysin for a British-Swiss group of hotels who catered for ski-ing holiday-makers.

Living in Europe as well as traveling was a new experience all together, and I cover the top cuisine of Switzerland, Austria and France.

This book also highlights the ‘hard work / hard play’ nature of the industry, especially at a ski resort. I ultimately badly broke my leg on the piste, but what a country to break your leg in!

Switzerland had the best surgeons in the world who were rather good at fixing broken legs!

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